Pine lap and cap fencing

Pine lap and cap fencing

Timber fences have been a popular choice for surrounding homes for centuries. They look good, are relatively cheap and easy to install, and they can be made strong if necessary. In the modern world, building a timber fence is easier than ever with innovative systems like pine lap and cap fencing. Pine lap and cap fencing allows you to install a solid, secure fence that looks great with minimal work. In fact, it is one of the cheapest fencing options on the market!

What exactly is pine cap and lap fencing?
Basically, pine lap and cap fencing makes use of simple treated pine boards and posts, along with a capping that is usually made of aluminium, to create a flawlessly designed fence. The posts and boards are fitted together in a regular way to create a nicely patterned fence.

This fence is finished with a capping placed along the top to make everything look uniform and to protect the open ends of the posts and boards. This capping is usually made from aluminium, but you can find wooden options if you really want to.

Pine lap and cap fencing is tough:
As far as wooden fences go, pine lap and cap fences are among the toughest and longest lasting on the market. All of the materials used are treated so that they are resistant to damage from termites and other insects. The posts which are buried in the ground are also treated to be rot resistant, meaning that they will last for much, much longer, even if they are buried in very wet areas.

The aluminium capping that is usually placed on top of pine lap and cap fences is designed to hold everything together firmly, preventing damage when the fence is subject to extreme environmental conditions. This means that your fence will be resistant to even the strongest storms and wind gusts, reducing the risk of damage.

Pine lap and gap fencing is great for security:
This sort of wooden fence offers great security in a number of senses. First, it gives your yard great acoustics. The dense pine that the fence is made of will absorb and block out sounds from outside your property, making these fences great for busy parts of the city or other places where there is a lot of noise.

They are also designed to be tough, with the overlapping design making lap and cap fences very hard to break down. This gives you better security for your home, and should help you sleep better at night.

They are super easy to maintain:
Since they are wooden, pine lap and cap fences are actually pretty easy to maintain. Over time, the original colour of the fence will fade to a weathered grey. Some people like this weathered look, but if you don’t, you can easily repaint your fence to freshen it up. If part of the fence breaks or is damaged, repairs are as simple as replacing the damaged component.

If you are looking for a secure, affordable fencing option for your home in Sydney, consider pine lap and cap fencing from your local contractor, Lone Pine Fencing.