Fence repairs done by an expert

Fence repairs done by an expert

Fence maintenance is something which needs to be done pretty regularly, and which you may be tempted to do yourself. Depending on what sort of fence you have, you might have to maintain it every year, or only once every few years.

Maintenance ranges from simple DIY things like washing and cleaning the weeds away from your fence to more difficult things like replacing damaged portions of the fence. Feel free to do the simple DIY things yourself, but it is usually a good idea to at least speak to a fencing expert before attempting to do more difficult repairs. Some of the reasons why include:

It will often work out cheaper if a professional does it:
Although you might not think it to begin with, it can often be cheaper to get things done by a professional, rather than trying to do them yourself. A high quality fencing contractor – like Lone Pine Fencing – will be able to identify exactly what needs to be done almost straight away.

Contractors often have access to cheaper materials through their wholesalers, which means that they can get replacement fence parts at a much lower price than you could. This saving can offset the cost of the fencing contractors time and labour, meaning that you really don’t pay a whole lot more to get a pro to do it for you.

An experienced contractor will be able to identify flaws that aren’t obvious:
This is extremely important when it comes to things like repairing wooden fences. For example, your wooden fence may appear damaged, with a few of the panels broken due to age. While you might be tempted to simply replace the broken parts and give the rest of the fence a nice coat of paint, there could be underlying problems that you haven’t noticed.

If your fence is starting to fall apart due to age, then there could be other, deeper problems. A professional fencing contractor will be able to identify things like rotting posts or rusted fittings which could cause more problems in the near future. They will be able to advise you on the best course of action to solve these problems.

A decent contractor will do things right:
Let’s face it, do you really want to spend your entire weekend trying to repaint your old wooden fence? Or would you rather sit back next to the pool with a couple of beers while the professionals do the work for you? Don’t make things hard on yourself, get an experienced contractor to fix your fence.

When it comes to things like painting your old wooden fence, contractors will have all of the right tools and experience to do the job quickly and professionally. You will end up with a fence that looks like new, without having to experience the frustration of doing it yourself.

So, next time you have a fence that needs fixing in Sydney, get in touch with your local fencing experts, Lone Pine Fencing. We will help you do the job right the first time!