Pool Fencing

There has been an increase in the popularity of glass pool fencing over the past few years. You can add some pizzazz to a yard when you install glass fencing as well as the fence having a practical purpose. With no visible posts and big parts holding the glass panels together, the aesthetics of the pool and the surrounding area can look quite magnificent. But don’t think that glass pool fencing is a quick and easy DIY install. There needs to be a few considerations before going down that track.

Do it yourself or contact a contractor: Do you want to go it alone or engage the services of a Sydney fencing contractor. A contractor may appear to be somewhat expensive, but the lack of hassles and the surety of a job professionally done will often outweigh the slightly higher cost.

Considering you are working with tempered glass panels and their installation is of primary importance, it makes a lot more sense to have the job professionally done. It will outweigh the slightly higher cost involved. You can fix a mistake working with timber. It’s not so easy with glass.

The Purpose of the Fence – In Australia, according to government rules, you must have a fence. Your fence will keep out toddlers and pets. So, it’s not a choice of whether you have a pool fence or not, it’s ‘you will have a pool fence,’ and it’s a matter of choosing the type that will give you the look you want.

Level of Opacity – You can opt for fully transparent, semi-transparent or like a shower screen, completely opaque. Check the prices Lone Pine offers for these alternatives.

Pool Users – Is it just for the family, and visiting friends? Or is the setup a commercial one such as a spa or a hotel / resort? The setting up will be different for different locations.

Government Regulations – While it’s compulsory to have a pool enclosed, the standard of fence has to meet local government regulations for height, distance, wiring, if any, and material. Plus the auto locking gate.

Climate: You have a pool, but that doesn’t mean it’s always hot. Is the pool set in the sun? The dominant climate may influence the choice of material.

An innovative frameless glass pool fence is a great alternative to the more traditional types of outdoor fencing. This type of fence offers a sleek and modern design that not only doesn’t break up the beautiful outdoor landscape, it actually enhances it. Being made of glass, the fence appears almost invisible. It looks artistic, modern and luxurious.

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

So just what exactly is a frameless glass pool fence?

The fence is made up of a series of glass panels. The term frameless means that three out of four sides of each glass panel are left open, with nothing between them and the rest of the panels. The glass panels look like they are standing unsupported, on their own. There are metal frames holding the panels at the bottom, of course. Lone Pine offers a number of alternative solutions with frameless and semi framed.

The frames or supports can be decorative, made of stainless steel or aluminium. The options are almost endless and you can customise as much as you like.

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