Pine Lap and Cap Fencing

Pine lap fencing is a modern enough style fencing product made from treated pine palings, posts, and rails. Capping of the palings is usually made of aluminium. This type of fencing, supplied by Lone Pine fencing, your Sydney based fencing contractor, provides security, absorbs sound, and looks good. For new housing estates it is usually the first choice.

However, like all wooden product, there is a certain level of maintenance required.

Advantages of Pine Lap

Our pine lap fencing offers very good acoustics for your property because of the variable surface and the density of the pine timber used. The palings overlap each other, making it very secure as well as providing great privacy. Homes that are close to the road, or have a lane way beside them, usually have this type of fence erected along that side. The reason being that the incidence of vandals kicking in or spraying graffiti on Colorbond fencing can be avoided by using this pine lap style fencing.

Treated Pine

The rails and palings are treated for termites and the in-ground posts are also treated for pests and rotting. These days, arsenic free Tanalith is used as it is less harmful to the environment.

The traditional posts used to install the fence are either hardwood or treated pine. As the timber is a natural product, the posts will eventually rot away in the ground, but there are a number of different factors that determine the speed at which they will disintegrate. In the Sydney area, there is a trend for the use of steel posts for the Pine lap fencing. While the cost might be higher, the life of the steel post is a lot longer.

Ages Well

Pine lap fences weather over time and that golden colour will fade to a grey. You can either leave as is, or if the natural look is a bit drab for you, then the fence can be repainted to give it a fresh look.

Popularity of Timber Fencing

Wood fencing remains a very popular style due to durability and the way it looks. With pine lap fencing you are guaranteed the solitude and privacy you want depending on the style and height you choose to install. Local government rules in some areas do have maximum height requirements. If there are any regulations regarding fencing in your area, a Lone Pine Fencing consultant will inform you at the time.

The big advantage of wooden fencing is that it is a suitable material for all types of housing designs. Add to that its ability to adapt to all weather conditions, and it’s no wonder that it remains a popular choice. Regardless of the ground levels and the landscape design, it always seems to fit perfectly.