Picket Fencing and Gates

When you imagine a white picket fence, your mind immediately goes back to a certain style that was prominent a few decades ago. These days, they vary quite a bit in design and material but still add that certain something to a home. The picket fence comes with that old Victorian era look complete with gaps between the wooden slats, unlike privacy fencing. They provide an elegant, stylish and visually appealing look to your home.

The House with the White Picket Fence

Originating from colonial architecture they are still one of the most recognised fencing styles available through your Sydney Fencing contractor – Lone Pine Fencing. They are so popular that when you think of a family home, you immediately think of a house with a white picket fence.

Not Only in White

This style of fencing is not restricted to just white, either. There is nothing in the fencing rule book that says white is the only colour you can use to create a stunning finish to the overall design. The fashion of late, in fact, is for homeowners to opt for the darker colours as a complement to their home.

Range of Styles

One of the aspects to consider with a picket fence is to choose a style that matches the pitch of your roof. Old style colonial homes had sharp pitched roofs and the picket fences were made to match.

There are styles available such as New England, Colonial and a Cape Cod design as well as square or scalloped finishes. A free consultation with our representative will help you choose the best style that suits your existing landscaping and house structure. Pick the one that adds a unique touch to your home resulting in visual appeal as well as providing the security and style you desire. A picket fence supplied by your Sydney Fencing Contractor certainly adds value to your property. The scalloped style is a popular choice and adds flair and a bit of fun to the picket fence.

Help is Available

Lone Pine fencing will assist you in making the best choice and we can provide you with a natural wood option. Installation can be arranged, or if you are a real handyman and want to plan a DIY weekend with a friend, we are happy to supply the material and plans.

Remember, this is the front showpiece of your home and if you have any doubts about being able to accomplish a first class job, our installation people have the expertise and the experience to do a first class job.