Fence Repairs

An Unloved Fence

You took a lot of time, effort and money when you first purchased and erected your fences on your property. Ensuring that the fence stays in good condition for many years, you need to keep up any repairs and maintenance. A broken fence can draw unnecessary and unwanted attention, be it a side fence or a front fence. A fence that needs repairing certainly detracts from the overall appearance of your home.

Look around your neighbourhood and see those neighbours who have great fences. You would have to say that is a neighbour who cares, not only about the overall look of the street in which they live, but it’s also about their contribution to the community. Good neighbours have good fences. But good fences make good homes.

What we Do best

Lone Pine Fencing, professional fencing contractors servicing the Sydney area, can repair broken fences easily. The size of the repair job can escalate if the repair work is not attended to as soon as possible. Better to have the fence repaired rather than replaced. We have the skills and the experience to repair all types of fences be they made from wood, iron, Colorbond or aluminium, and bring them back to their original good looks.

Repair or Replace

You can also choose whether to repair the fence or upgrade to a replacement. It’s a matter of doing the maths and working out repair costs, the age of the original fence, future repairs or maintenance against the cost of installing a new one, perhaps a different design. Trends change or you might just be a bit tired of the old look. If you have recently renovated your home, perhaps a new and different design fence can top it off. Maybe a change from timber to brick, or vice versa. Maybe a picket fence is another option.


A repair job by Lone Pine could be a recommendation to have the fence stained or painted. Extreme and changing weather conditions have caused the fence to age and lose colour over time. Staining or a new coat of paint can revive the fence and have it looking good for a few more years.


There are many reasons as to how a fence can be damaged and need repair.

Vehicle – If it’s a front fence, pillars and posts and gates can be hit by cars entering and exiting the property.

Time – Timber posts after many years may have rotted and caused the fence to lean or collapse. As a fence gets older, it also LOOKS older.

Weather – as well as the fade factor on timber and paint, strong winds can blow fences over or blow trees onto fences.

Whatever the reason, if you are looking for a professional consultation from Sydney fencing contractors, give us a call at Lone Pine Fencing. We are able to provide a detailed job description and costing for repair of your fence and also while there, to offer alternative solutions if you so wish.