Colorbond Fencing Sydney

Colorbond Fencing Sydney

We are highly experienced, professional Colorbond fencing installers based in Sydney.

Colorbond has been around Australian building sites for well over 40 years now. It’s a type of metal manufactured in Australia and to Australian standards. It can be used for a number of different applications in both commercial construction and residential construction. Its popularity as an alternative to various types of other fencing materials such as timber, wrought iron and brick walls with columns has resulted in its wide use across the country.

An Australian Choice

As a solution for homeowners to provide privacy and security, it is an ideal choice when looking at installing fences, sheds and roofs. A Colorbond fence is a great complement to various building designs and works well with many different types of landscapes. Colorbond has a modern and clean appearance.

Advantages of Using Colorbond.


Hot, cold, wet, icy and dry are all weather conditions experienced in Australia. Colorbond can withstand the toughest weather that Mother Nature mighty want to throw at it. The material is made from high quality galvanised steel that has been powder coated with a long-lasting coloured finish. Fences are made in different styled profiles as well. Colorbond is waterproof, fireproof, will not rust or rot, it’s impervious to termites and it is certainly a very good alternative to other, more traditional fencing materials that are affected by weather.

Guaranteed Quality

The manufacturers provide a 10 year warranty on Colorbond products such as posts, rails and the infill fence sheets. With that sort of guarantee, it’s a no-brainer to at least consider Colorbond as a great building option for residential and commercial properties.

Colour Variety

There are about 14 different colours available in the Colorbond range. The more popular colours such as Primrose, Caulfield, Mist Green and Slate Grey make up part of that range. If you are looking at doing something a little different, you can mix and match different coloured posts and rails that will go with the fencing sheet colour.

Great Style

Not the least reason to choose Colorbond is because of the popularity of the designs which give it great style. Ask your Sydney fencing contractor about the different shapes and colours when you are looking for the best solution to meet your fencing and landscaping requirements.

Look Good Anywhere.

With a Colorbond fence it doesn’t matter which side you are on as there is really no front or back to the sheets. In fact, Colorbond now manufactures a fence that has the same shape on both sides so there is no need to upset the neighbour who might have wanted a preference. It’s not a bad solution to the traditional and sometimes difficult neighbour negotiations about shared fencing. When you both get the same looking fence profile, what is there to argue about?

Security and Privacy

For security against any criminals and the like, as well as providing privacy from your neighbours, Colorbond fencing is the perfect barrier to safeguard your family and your property. The Colorbond fence is a solid barrier with no vertical gaps that you might get with some traditional fencing.


We all love that term as we try to take care of the environment, and Colorbond steel fencing is a great option because it’s 100% recyclable. There are very few pieces of scrap after installation and any waste material is completely recyclable. Another plus is that because your Colorbond fence is termite proof, there is no need to spray the area with toxic chemicals.