Brick Pillar Fencing

The first thing that people notice when they visit your place is the fence out the front. Erecting a fence that stands out from the rest is not a bad way to catch attention. If you can have a fence that is maintenance-free as well as looking attractive, that puts you ahead of the rest. Lone Pine Fencing, your Sydney-based fencing contractors offer a number of different options that clients can look at to see which style and material best fits their requirements.

When you are considering the brick pillar style of front fence you have a choice of brick colours and finished style as well as the infill between the pillars.

The combination of materials that can be used include:

  • Horizontal aluminium slats which can be wood-like in appearance, powder coated in different colours, or left with that metal look.
  • The vertical version of above to look like a picket fence between the pillars.
  • The pillars can be feature brick or seconds which can then be rendered and painted.
  • Timber slats or pickets
  • Wrought iron in any pattern you might like

In fact, the options available in material, and even the size and shape of the pillars, are almost endless.

Lone Pine fencing contractors dig the foundations for the pillars, employ a bricklayer to construct the pillars and then your choice of fill fencing material is installed.

There are other obvious reasons for erecting a fence other than for the aesthetics and adding value to your property. These are:

Privacy – Whatever you elect to do on your premises, you don’t really want neighbours or passers-by gawking into your front yard and home. Having a secure front fence is not being unneighbourly, it’s just about keeping some things private.

Boundaries – Your home and the land upon which it sits is clearly marked out with your fence lines. There’s no room for property disputes if the position of erected fences has been both surveyed and set.

Safety – The fence will provide safety for your children, pets and other family members. A front fence is essential if there is a road outside and your kids and pets like to play in the yard. It prevents them from wandering off. Don’t forget the ‘Beware of the Dog’ sign. J

Security – This is probably one of the main reason people invest in fences. If you look around, there are not many, if any, properties that have no fences. While a fence won’t stop a determined thief, it certainly acts as a deterrent. A brick pillar fence with custom made gates is able to keep criminal elements away from your front door.

Contact Lone Pine fencing in Sydney for a no obligation and free consultation regarding any fencing requirements. We specialise in almost every type of fence and our representative will be happy to discuss your requirements as well as give advice on certain aspects of fencing, including the local council regulations.