Slatted Aluminium

The Value of a Great Fence

Adding a fence to your front yard landscaping does more than just help design your yard but it also gives you privacy and boundaries. The fence works as a divider and when incorporated into the landscaping plans, it adds a sculpted look as well.

Your Fencing and Your landscaping

Certain fences can be used as a backdrop for trees and green shrubbery. From an artistic point of view, placing a fence around your landscaping is like adding a frame to a photo. A fence defines a particular area that may have a deck, patio or pool. Fences have come a long way and as your Sydney fencing contractor, Lone Pine Fencing, we will work with you as our client to ensure the fence matches the exterior design and style of the home.


We recommend that your fence plan, that is its position and purpose, be decided on before purchasing plants for landscaping. Is the fence for security or privacy? Many pool owners like their pool fence to provide privacy from outside viewers. Fences also help reduce traffic noise. The height of your fence is important as well. We are able to supply the 6 foot privacy type, or if it suits, a shorter one in front of which you might like to plant a hedge. This helps to make it look a lot more natural. It’s important that the style and colour of your home is matched by the fence you ask us to supply and install.

Aluminium Slatted Fencing and Gates

Some of the advantages of using Aluminium is that it is reasonably inexpensive, durable and even eco-friendly. The question to ask is whether it is right for your property.

Aluminium is lightweight and naturally resistant to corrosion and rust caused by the elements. The fence can even be made to look like wood and it can also be powder coated in any colour you like. It will last a long, long time  and continue to hold its great looks. It will not require continual maintenance which is necessary with timber panelling.

A free consultation with a Lone Pine Fencing representative can give you all the options that come in aluminium slats. There is no welding required when installed and as well as the wood grain look, you can opt for louvres which can open and close with a light touch or electrically operated if that is the requirement.

In high bushfire areas wooden fencing is not allowed and aluminium provides the perfect solution. Gates are made to suit the fence and you can have them remote controlled if necessary. For a fine looking, secure and private way to enhance the value of your property, an aluminium slatted fence is a great choice.

Your Sydney fencing contractors, Lone Pine fencing, are able to have a slatted aluminium fence custom made and therefore meets your exact requirements for the project.