Designing a custom made gate

Designing a custom made gate

Custom made gates are very popular among new home builders, as they offer a great way for people to give their new home a personalised touch. There are many ways to customise a gate, from simply changing the size to fit your opening to completely designing your own gate.

If you are thinking about building a new fence or replacing your existing fence, then you definitely should think about getting a custom made front gate. Think about the following five things to make sure that you get the right gate for your property:

1. What do you want it to look like?
If you are going to the extra effort of designing and paying for a custom made gate, then you probably want to spend a bit of time thinking about what you want it to look like. Consider things like patterns you want to include on the gate, and pictures or shapes you want incorporated, and how bulky you want it to be. You should also think about the colour – try and match it with your new fence, otherwise it might look strange.

2. How big does the gate need to be?
This is one of the most important considerations when it comes to designing a new gate. Although the company you are contracting to build your fence should be able to help you identify the right sized gate for your needs, you should always double check it. Make sure that it is the right size for the gap in the fence that you are planning on having it fill, but also make sure that all of your vehicles will fit through it comfortably.

3. How do you want it to open?
Gates can basically open three ways – outwards, inwards, or in a sliding manner. You need to carefully consider how you want your gate to open before you buy it, as different gates are designed to open different ways.

4. What materials should you make it out of?
In most cases, you would match your gate with your fence and make them both out of the same or a similar thing. However, this isn’t an absolute rule, and you could also consider designing your gate with some other material. Think about how bulky you want it to look, how much security it needs to offer, and how much you are willing to spend on materials.

5. What is your budget?
Obviously, your budget will pay a big part in the type of gate and fence you end up with. Don’t fall into the trap of designing a gate that you simply can’t afford. Instead, identify your budget at the start of the design process and make sure that you stick to it.

As you can see, there are plenty of things to think about when designing a custom made gate. However, as long as you are happy with the gate you get, can afford it, and it matches with your fence, then there really isn’t too much else to worry about!