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Lone Pine Fencing are Sydney based fencing contractors providing a wide range of fencing products and services.

There is no doubting that landscaping your property adds a certain ‘wow’ factor to your home. It’s an investment and by using a fencing company to supply and install an attractive fence will really enhance the landscape. By using the best fencing contractors in Sydney, you can be assured that the fence design will create your own unique style.

We understand that it can be a tricky process finding the right fencing company, and there are certain considerations and factors that come into play. With online information readily available, researching the fencing company is a good idea before making that final choice.

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Your Choices

Check out the following options:

  • fencing
  • material available
  • cost
  • warranty
  • experience

These will help you make an informed choice. By choosing Lone Pine Fencing, we can ensure you that there will be no complications at a later stage.

Preliminary Council Checks

Before having a fence erected, you should contact the local council on whether there are restrictions. Things like style, height allowed, and the location may be some aspects on which the council might have some regulations in place. You might need building permits before the fence construction begins.

Some tips before choosing your fencing company

Sydney fencing companies offer various designs and styles of fences. Check their products and catalogues so that you can decide on the material you would like along with the design. It’s not just the looks and enhancing the beauty, but you want the fence to provide security and safety.

What is the fence for?
  • Security
  • Protect landscaping
  • Increased Privacy.

Your choice will depend on your specific needs.

Type of Fence

For example if you want privacy, the fence will usually be made of a solid panel style with the top at eye level or higher. Or it can be a decorative style of fence, such as pickets. This will keep pets and kids safely in the yard.

At Lone Pine fencing we provide fences made from different materials.

Wood – this is a traditional material but requires ongoing maintenance.

Glass – installed either semi framed or frameless.

Aluminium and steel – are also popular choices for landscaping.

About Lone Pine

Ask us as many questions as you like from us, Lone Pine is only too happy to make you feel comfortable with your decision.

As professional fencing contractors in Sydney, we are able to supply references and projects which we have completed. We guarantee to finish work on time and offer a comprehensive warranty on all of our work.


One of our team will be happy to meet with you and discuss the type of fencing you require for your project. Once we fully understand your requirements, with our experience and expertise, we can show you a number of different looks and materials for you to consider. An integration of style, budget, and setting up different elements within your outdoor space is the ultimate solution to make your property look great. A customised fence will match the existing decor of your property. Don’t hesitate to ask for a free estimate and consultation to enable you to understand your options and to make the right choice.

Material Choice

When choosing a fence from Lone Pine Fencing, your Sydney fencing contractors, make sure you consider the aesthetic as well as the practical concerns of your fence installation. Common sense will tell you that cheap material may not last as long as the more expensive, for obvious reasons. Also, consider the ongoing maintenance involved with certain materials.

Many people in this day of DIY, are tempted to landscape and fence on their own, but a professional service might turn out cheaper in the long run. Do the math. A professionally finished fencing job will look attractive and add value to your home.

Lone Pine Fencing offers many options to enable you to get the best deal as well as the best job. Contact us today

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